We rely on donations to continue our lifesaving work.

We appreciate not everyone is able to make a donation, or maybe you’d like to make a group donation and what better way to do this than by helping us fundraise.

We’re open to ideas and will do our best to support you!

We’re also always on the lookout for volunteers! You can help us at one of our events where you’ll be most appreciated or help us with our PR!

Fundraising keeps us going. We are purely funded on donations so always looking to add to this to continue our lifesaving work. If you'd like to help us fundraise we're thrilled that you are and will try our best to support you in whatever you're planning! Whether it be an event or an activity we'll make sure to help maximise your efforts!

Behind the scenes we need people to help us organise our events! Theres a lot of work involved with this, from helping on the day and all the leading up to the event. We need to do a lot of PR work so make sure our events are successful so always on the look out for willing volunteers!

Please get in touch to discuss how you can help us.

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